History and the Environment 1

I often wonder why history repeats itself. I also think about how young of a country the United States is, and how we have erased or denied our historical heritage while preserving so little. A great example of the erasing of local history where I live (I live in north east Georgia), is the almost complete eradication of Cherokee existence in my part of the state. According to a much respected history professor at my university, Dr. Ouzts, there used to be an old Cherokee road that ran from the city of Flowery Branch in NE Ga to Chattanooga, TN. This old road has been paved over, has been built on and is no longer even recognizable as a historical route. In fact, in some places the road goes through Wal-Mart parking lots etc. Why is the old Cherokee road important? For a few reasons. First and foremost, the preservation of history helps stop urban sprawl. The more green space we have, the better. The second reason is culture. I think that history provides us with an outlet. An education outlet and a chance to learn about the world and its prior inhabitants. Lastly, the erasure of the past gets us farther away mentally from many atrocities that were committed during the building of our great nation. If history does come in cycles, would it not make sense to remind ourselves of the human capacity to do harm to each other? Protecting historical places should be a higher priority to all of us. Ill keep this blog going with other example of long lost history as the weeks go on. Thanks, Deadfryday


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